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     * Certified Inspections

     * Certified Tech Service & Maintenance

      * Certified Holding & Waste Tank Cleaning



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Take Me Home RV is the premier provider of RV inspection services throughout the Southeast. We will come to your home, camp site, or other location to provide a thorough assessment of your recreational vehicle. We also offer the specialized service of tank cleaning. Hydro jetting is the newest technology to scrub and remove Struvite from inside of the holding tanks which can lead to odors, clogs, and misreading sensors. For peace of mind on an RV purchase or septic system issues, look no further than Take Me Home RV – we have got you covered and cleaned!

Mobile RV Services:

  • Buyer’s RV Inspection
  • Seller’s RV Inspection
  • Repair & Maintenance
  • Black, Gray, and Galley Tank Cleaning

 Servicing Huntsville & North Alabama

  RV Inspection Cost Table Below

RV Services

Trained and Certified by Accredited RV Institutions


Take Me Home RV Service is proud to have an experienced and certified Rv inspector and technicians. Our team  is extensively trained and have certifications from organizations such as

RVTAA –NRVIA -Coleman-Aquahot-Dometic-Suburban- Airexcel-Royal Flush NRVTA

Ensuring that our customers receive the best possible service available. Beyond certifications, our owners are also full-time recreational vehicle enthusiasts who understand all aspects of RVing and the lifestyle it entails. This means that not only does our team possess both theoretical training and technical expertise for all types of RVs, but they also have a strong grasp on practical experience. Our personnel are also committed to continued education, always keeping up with changes in technology, regulations, industry standards, as well as new products and services. With this combination of knowledge and experience, we can guarantee a level of care that truly surpasses others in the industry.

Our Service Area

We provide RV Inspections and Repairs in Huntsville Alabama  and the surrounding areas including

Athens, Hartselle, New Market and Guntersville.

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    • Expect to receive your inspection report within 48 hours of our inspection.
    • After your inspection and report is delivered you can choose to have up to 1 hour one on one review of the report 
    • We also provide real time reporting if any predetermined concerns are found if requested your choice 

    Contact Take Me Home RV Services to schedule your RV inspection!

    We accept most any form of payment

    Travel With Peace of Mind

    With Take Me Home RV Service, you can rest assured knowing that your RV is in good hands and the work is being done by experts. Having your RV inspected and maintained regularly provides peace of mind; it keeps you from worrying about potential problems down the road and helps it run in peak condition for years to come.

    Take Me Home RV Service offers an excellent combination of convenience, expertise, quality assurance, and peace of mind - something no other service can match!

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